How To Know When To Ditch Your Doctor

I’ve been through 7 doctors since getting my Hashimoto’s diagnosis in late 2014. Some of those changes were forced due to cross country relocations, and others were by choice.

Here’s how I knew when it was time to move on, and what I looked for when I did.

How To Know When To Ditch Your Doctor | Whole Daily Life

Each of my doctors has been helpful in their own way, and each has helped me understand more about my health. However, just as there is value in having a doctor who has known your full health history, there is also value in recruiting a fresh pair of eyes! As I have partnered with each of these doctors over the years, they have been able to recruit their own professional experience to see my story with a unique lens.

Even so, there have been a couple of times in recent years where I have found myself stuck, and my doctor didn’t really know what to look for or recommend next. The reality is, in healing, there are sometimes plateau periods like this. However, seeking out the root cause and optimizing health should still be the priority, rather than just sitting back and “waiting things out.”

Remember, your doctor is working for you. You should feel free to ask questions, request tests, propose alternative treatments, and more. Your doctor is the expert in medicine, but you are the expert on your body. You should feel like your he/she is on your side, supporting you with your best interest at heart. Even if you’re not actively seeing progress, your doctor should be able to explain why this is and what exactly you are waiting on before making another change. If this is not the case, consider looking elsewhere!

When I’m looking for a new doctor, here are a few things I consider:

-This relationship is a partnership. I am knowledgable about my body, my symptoms, and my health. It is important to me that my provider welcome my questions, input, and suggestions.

-What is his/her practice philosophy? Will they be seeing out the root cause or just treating symptoms? What do they believe about the value of diet and lifestyle in healing? (These are foundational concepts in the naturopathic approach to medicine.)

-Do they have experience in treating autoimmunity?

-Do they offer alternative treatments, such as IV therapy, sauna, acupuncture, etc?

-Is this person covered by my insurance? If not, do they offer a free meet and greet so that I can see if I feel comfortable with them before moving forward?

-When I share a brief overview of my health history with them, are they able to respond in a way that inspires confidence? Have they worked with patients with my particular health issues before?

-Is there anyone who has seen this doctor before of whom I could ask questions?

Medical care is expensive, and when it comes to health, it truly is important that we have our best interests at heart. One of the most important pieces of my healing has been to take the initiative and be my own advocate. When I reflect back on the early days of my journey, I was so desperate to feel better that I took anything that my doctors said as truth, and I didn’t know how to do my own research. Had I been better equipped from the beginning, and known what to look for in a provider partnership, my journey might have been quite different!

This concept of how to be an empowered patient and partner well with your provider is one of the topics that we explore in depth in my Healing Hashimoto’s course. We also discuss topics such as optimizing your lab work, different types of practitioners, how to make the most out of your appointments, and much more!

If you’re ready to understand your Hashimoto’s so that you can heal your Hashimoto’s and take back control of your health, you can start by downloading my free PDF on the Top 5 Things That Have Helped Heal My Hashimoto’s Naturally!

I hope you feel empowered by this information! I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below!



Simple Weeknight Recipes

Has it been two whole months since I last published a blog post? Yep. A LOT has happened in that period of time!! If you haven’t seen on Instagram, my husband and I moved from San Diego to Phoenix at the end of October. I went from working full time in a management position at a large healthcare organization to working from home, doing private practice and planning out how I will be creating more valuable content for you all in 2019! We've also been doing some traveling, and have a few more trips planned before the end of the calendar year.

The morning we left San Diego!

The morning we left San Diego!

If you’ve followed me for any period of time, you know that for YEARS I have done all of my meal prep cooking on the weekend so that I could eat leftovers all week. Well, when we moved, two things changed. (1) I have a more flexible schedule and (2) we acquired the smallest “full size” fridge ever. (I thought they couldn’t get any smaller than the fridge we had at our last place…I was wrong!)

This has prompted me to change up my strategy to do more cooking as the week goes along instead of doing it all on the weekend. I’ve been experimenting with cooking a meal every night, doing some limited batch prep that I can mix and match from all week, and cooking all of the meals earlier in the week. I haven’t settled on a favorite yet, and I think my strategy will evolve with time, but I wanted to share some of the easy weeknight meals and food combos that I’ve been making in case you’re in need of some simple inspiration! They’re not all 100% Whole30 compliant, and some do make use of some convenience products from brands that I appreciate. Most are easily modified to fit your specific needs!

Simple Weeknight Recipes | Whole Daily Life

Easy Weeknight Meal Ideas:

-Burger Salad (burger patty, optional cheese, lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions and peppers, pickles, ketchup and mustard) + Oven Fries

-Steaks (on a stovetop grill pan, seasoned with a spice blend) + Roasted Sweet Potato + Roasted Asparagus

-Crispy Skin Salmon + Cauliflower Rice (I always keeps some in the freezer) + Roasted Sweet Potato

-Eggs + Leftover Batch Cooked Veggies

-Sausage (Bilinski’s or True Story) + Roasted Carrots/Parsnips + Arugula salad

-Ground Meat with Sautéed Mushrooms/Onion in Marinara + Spaghetti Squash + Collard Greens with Bacon

-Sausage + Steamed and Roasted Broccoli + Banza Mac&Cheese

-Simple Chicken Soup

-Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry

-Taco Salad

Simple Weeknight Recipes | Whole Daily Life

Easy Weekday Lunches:

-ZUPA + Ayobayo + Apple (wholedailylife for a discount on either brand)

-Smoked Oysters with Simple Mills Crackers, Dijon Mustard, Cream Cheese or Mayo + Kraut + Sprouts

-Sardines + Tomato/Avocado/Basil Salad (dressed with evoo, balsamic, salt)

-Tuna Salad (Safe Catch tuna + grapes + celery + green onion + Primal Kitchens mayo)

I hope this gives you some ideas for easy meals! I definitely go through phases where meal planning is a breeze and other times where nothing sounds good, but these quick combos have been good go-to’s for the past several weeks!

I’ll be back again soon with more recipes!