Kitchen Essentials: Tools I Can't Live Without!


A top-notch blender for the smoothest soups and the most amazing ice cream!

Cuisinart Food Processor 

I use my food processor for making homemade nut butter, cauliflower rice, slicing things, and so much more! 

Excalibur 5 Tray Dehydrator 

My green flatbread would be lost without it!

Instant Pot

A LIFESAVER when I'm short on time! I make everything from simple chicken to put on salads, to soups, to the richest bone broth in my Instant Pot. 

My Hot Logic Mini

This has quickly become one of my favorite appliances, and I use it daily at work. Just plug it in, put your glass dish of food inside, and it's hot and ready to eat in an hour!