NYC in 36 Hours: The Whole Daily Life GF Guide

I had never been to NYC before, so when Thorne offered me an opportunity to attend their Frontier Within event there at the end of June, of course I said YES! I flew out early on a Friday morning and left mid-day on Sunday, which left me with about a day and a half in the city.

Here’s the best of what I found, did, and ATE while I was there!

NYC in 36 Hours: The Whole Daily Life GF Guide


After dropping my bags off at my hotel (I stayed here), I walked a few blocks to grab dinner at Hu Kitchen: I got the classic burger on GF/grain free sweet potato bun with side of sweet potato fries and a green juice. The burger and bun were delicious, but next time I’ll skip the fries and go with one of their other amazing looking veggie sides instead! I also picked up some chocolate and a slice of their carrot cake bar to go.

NYC in 36 Hours: The Whole Daily Life GF Guide

For dessert I stopped by Pressed Juicery to grab a Freeze. I used to have access to this whenever I wanted when I lived in CA, but now that I live in AZ, it’s a rare treat!

From there, it was back to the hotel for the evening to relax and prepare for the next day!


I took a Lyft up to NoGlu, but nothing grabbed my eye so I walked over to By The Way Bakery instead. I got to sample the brownie, which was incredible, and picked up a strawberry muffin to go. From there I walked through Central Park and over to West Village, where I got a cup of broth from Brodo. I ordered the Hearth broth, Tuscan Sun style, with egg yolk. It did not disappoint!


From there I walked until I found a little spot to sit in a tiny little park, where I finished my broth and ate some of the muffin before heading on to the Thorne event.

That’s my heartbeat up there on the screen!

That’s my heartbeat up there on the screen!

After the event was over, I changed clothes and set out to walk down to Springbone to pick up some lunch to eat in Washington Square Park. I had a delicious salad with salmon, sweet potato, and an egg, and loved every bite! After that, I walked to GROM nearby to grab some gelato for dessert.


I also wanted to make sure that I made it down to the 9/11 monument, which was incredibly humbling and beautiful. After that, it was down to the southern tip of Manhattan to see the Statue of Liberty in the distance from the Staten Island Ferry Dock!

NYC in 36 Hours: The Whole Daily Life GF Guide

I was pretty tired at that point, but ended up walking all the way back up to my hotel at 27th, but not without a couple of stops on the way! Two Hands was a cute little spot that was a perfect break on my walk. I also stopped at Erin Mckenna’s Gluten Free Bakery for a maple donut!!

NYC in 36 Hours: The Whole Daily Life GF Guide

By the time I got back to my hotel I had walked 17 miles and was so exhausted I couldn’t even imagine going out for dinner, but I had planned to get pizza….because….NYC!! I decided to use Postmates to order from Keste. Their location on Bleeker has a completely separate and dedicated GF prep area and oven!! I got the classic margherita, and it really was worth it. The crust reminded me of my favorite pizza restaurant in Seattle…perfectly chewy and salty!! I also picked up a green juice from Dr. Smood to go with.


As it turned out, the Fancy Foods Show started on Sunday, so I registered at the last minute to attend! It didn’t open until 9:30, so I had breakfast at Bluestone Lane beforehand. I got the GF toast bar with avocado and smoked salmon, along with an almond milk matcha latte. All of it was delicious!! Next time I’ll get the half avocado toast/half granola option. Honestly, everything sounded amazing!

I only had a couple of hours at the Fancy Foods show, so I hardly got to even dip my toes in, and after that it was off to the airport to fly back home!

Here are a few other places that I wanted to try out but didn’t make it to:

  • ChaCha Matcha

  • Eataly

  • Little Beet

  • Sweetgreen

  • Clover Grocery

  • Cafe Clover

  • El Bucco (I hear the kale salad is outstanding!)

  • Hearth

  • Don Antonia’s (GF Pizza)

  • Noi Due Carne

  • Dig Inn

If you have any other gluten free recommendations for NYC, leave them in the comments! I’ll definitely be back again :)